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My Marriage Consultancy is a Marriage Counselling, Registrar and consultancy service firm / company located in and operating from Thane, Maharashtra.

We provide N number of services at our firm, one of which is the role of a company as a Thane Court Marriage Consultant. We are here to take care of all your Marriage Consultancy needs so you do not have to be constantly engaged in managing one thing or another for the most special day of your life.

Hereafter are mentioned a number of reasons as to why and how we work towards shaping your dreams into reality. Instead of being stressed about paperwork and legalities, the the only thing one should look forward to on their special day is happiness and excitement for the new life ahead.

We are the only Thane Court Marriage Consultant who specializes in providing complete end-to-end court marriage solutions in Thane. Including counselling, registration and consultancy services.

Furthermore, one of our most prominent services is special marriage in Thane, which is governed by the special marriage Act, 1954.
Our team is committed to providing qualified professional assistance in legalizing your Court Marriage in Thane in a timely and trouble -free-manner.

Thane Court Marriage Consultant

Out of a number of ways of getting married among rituals and ceremonies, Court Marriage still remains one of the most authentic and legally accepted one.

Court Marriage is one of the most opted ways for tying the knot as considered by the new age generation and the truest to itself ceremonies because of its legal value and adherence.

It being a great option also comes with a lot of work and thought which needs to be put in to get it all right.

People might either choose to opt for a Court Marriage setup because of the hassle free, yet most authentic, private and light on the pocket nature of the ceremony or opt for a court marriage registration when they are already married through religious ceremony and want a legal authentication of the same which can be for a number of reasons.

Though it is a highly genuine in form and documentation kind of setup, it takes quite a lot of time for getting through all the procedures including pre-registration steps like application for marriage in court.

My Marriage Consultancy is finest Thane Court Marriage Consultant and will help you in choosing the right lawyers, the documentation; managing all the paperwork and events on the day of registration; and getting through all the legal formalities after marriage registration in order to obtain legal proof of marriage--the marriage certificate.

No doubt it is a hectic procedure, but it is anytime less of a hassle than the typical religious ritualistic marriage ceremonies. And it becomes all the easier when you involve the help of a Marriage Consultancy Service Firm in the process.

Here, at My Marriage Consultancy — Thane Court Marriage Consultant, we welcome you to take all of that load off your shoulders and assure you of having a perfect Court Marriage ceremony.

Being one of the most trusted and reliable names among Thane Court Marriage Consultants, we promise to cater to your needs and make them our priority to make this ceremony the most memorable experience of your life.

Why Choose to Tie the Knot through Court Marriage?

Due to the massive and articulate framework of processes, it can be daunting for someone without a legal basis to understand the subtleties of each step in the process; therefore, it is advisable to seek the professional guidance of people who specialize in this area to simplify and break it down for you.

My Marriage Consultancy offers the ideal solution. Our dedicated task force of seasoned professionals always takes it upon itself to provide maximum support and enable the process in a sleek, comfortable, and time-efficient manner, from booking legalities, pre-registration, registration, to post-registration activities.

We have a sturdy system in place where we take into account the couple's needs as well as their beliefs even though we firmly believe in respecting different cultures and embracing their needs to make your special day stress-free and convenient by taking responsibility for the legalities involved.

What Makes Us Unique?

• Complete Knowledge & Guidance provided.
• Experience & Dedicated Staff.
• Time Delivery - 100% Guarantee.
• Convenient Office Locations.

Reasons why we are the best in what we do?

• In order to make it immersive and user-friendly for our customers, our support executives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone, chat, and in-person.
• Our professionals understand our customers' qualitative needs and, as a result, strive to build the most favorable mechanisms in response to them.
• With well-planned frameworks and the right circle of support in our field of work, we can expedite the court marriage process and avoid any unnecessary delays.
• One of the primary reasons for our long-standing good name is that we have always prioritized customer satisfaction, and as a result, we claim to be one of the leading brands in Thane Court Marriage Registration consultancies.

Our Work Process:


We are the finest of Thane Court marriage consultant that specializes in court marriages, where we provide the couple with excellent marriage advice.

We also have skilled advocates who structure the entire marriage procedure with legal documents and navigate them through the entire process.

A mutually sanctified marriage can be registered under either the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or the Special Marriage Act of 1954.

Marriage can also be performed between any two people (often when they are of different religion or nations)

• According to the provisions of the Special Marriage Act of 1954,
• Marriages performed under the Special Marriage Act of 1954.
• Registration in accordance with the Special Marriage Act of 1954.
• The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 requires registration.
• Marriage of Love
• Marriages in Other Forms

Security. Even those who choose to get married following the typical religious and ritualistic ceremonial events choose to make it official by taking a step further and get married legally on paper.
This not only ensures a couple of the certification of their marriage but also has a number of security benefits and perks.

Travel Legalities. In case of international traveling, court marriages are sometimes a necessity for getting hold of travel passport and visas post marriage.
This becomes crucial especially when people of two different nationalities or citizenship are the ones getting married and would be living with their partner in either of the countries.

Saves you from Fraud. It also ensures legal security in case of any fraudulent activities by either of the spouses. If you and your partner have not known each other for a considerably long enough time period for you to trust them completely with your life, this is one of the safest ways of taking it forward and saving yourself the pain it might cause you later.

The best option for Family Opposition Marriage Cases. In the case of inter-religion or inter-caste marriages, sometimes families / parents might not agree for their children to get married when they might be inseparably in love with each other.
In such cases, if you and your partner are of legal marriageable age, and you want to get married no matter what others might expect from you, going the most secure and safe way and opting for Court Marriage is the best option for you.

We hope this covers most of your requirements when looking for the Thane Court Marriage Consultant company to help you realize that dream wedding of yours. If it does, we would love for you to reach out to us.

We hope you give us a chance to organize the beautiful start to this perfect and most important event of your life. We wish you all the luck for this new journey that you are going to embark on.

Come and join hands with the most reliable Thane Court Marriage Consultant give us the opportunity to help you have a great and successful wedding experience.

My Marriage Consultancy believes in you and your choices and wishes the best for your future journey!