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Court Marriage Registration in Thane

Urgent Court Marriage Thane is your match-making service with the ease of getting your legalization done with the best Thane Court Marriage Registration process and professionals.

Unlike other Marriage Consultancies, our services are unbiased with the aim to provide customers with an easy and approachable customer support experience. We have been a part of the business for quite a significant period and have earned a team of attorneys that are highly professional and expert at what they do.

What makes us special?

Urgent Court Marriage Thane is the ultimate destination for Court Marriage registration in Thane and marriage-related services.

We are a reputable and highly recognized institution with the authority to perform court marriages and issue the couple with a proper and legal marriage certificate.

We use a very typical wedding ceremony process at Urgent Court Marriage Thane, which is accepted by married couples.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced marital lawyers who can assist you in realizing your dreams.

Our team of Professional attorneys also organize the entire marriage procedure with legal paperwork and guide people throughout the process. Our team is also specialized in troubles concerning the issuing of registration certificates.

Our matrimonial specialist lawyers also assist the couples in registering their marriage and thoroughly explaining all procedures.

Eligibility Criteria for Court Marriage Registration in Thane

  • A Male must be 21 years old and a female must be 18 years old in order to proceed with the Court Marriage Registration.
  • Marriages that are legalized under any form of personal law are eligible to be registered.
  • The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or the Special Marriage Act of 1954 can both be used to establish a marriage that has earlier been ordained.
  • When both the husband and wife are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, or Sikhs, or have converted to one of these religions, the Hindu Marriage Act prevails.
  • The marriage is recognized under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 if neither the husband nor the woman is Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, or Sikhs.
  • If you register after two months (or a set period of time) from your wedding date, the fee will be slightly different.

  (Note: If you are under the age of 18, you cannot request a marriage certificate since you would be regarded as an offender.)  

Court Marriage Registration Thane Services

  1. Court Marriage Service
The Special Marriage Act of 1954 allows anyone, regardless of faith, to marry. This includes Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, and Jews.
Inter-caste weddings are also performed under this category. Because a marriage performed under the Special Marriage Act of 1954 is a civil contract, no ceremonies or ceremonial obligations are required.
  The parties must file a Notice of Intended Marriage in the prescribed form with the Marriage Registrar of the district in which at least one of the parties involved in the marriage has resided for thirty days immediately preceding the day on which the notice is provided.
  The marriage may be legalized once thirty days have passed from the day on which notice of an intended marriage was published unless any person has protested. Marriages may be legalized at the designated Marriage Site.

  • Husband’s Proof of Age (SSLC Marks Card / Birth Certificate / Bonafede Certificate / Passport)
  • Wife’s Proof of Age (SSLC Marks Card / Birth Certificate / Bonafede Certificate / Passport)
  • Address Proof (Rent Agreement / Election Card, Passport / Driving License / Ration Card / Electricity Bill)
  • A total of three witnesses to accompany the couple along with their Proof of Identity. (Aadhar Card / ID Card & Photo)

  1. Marriage Registration
The parties to the marriage shall apply to the registrar in whose jurisdiction the marriage is sanctified or to the registrar in whose jurisdiction any party to the marriage has domiciled for at least six months prior to the date of marriage.  
Within one month of the date of marriage, the individuals should appear before the registrar with their parents or guardians or other witness accounts.  
There is a provision for the registrar to sanction a delay for up to 5 years and more by the District Registrar.  

  • Aadhar or Aadhar Applied Receipt
  • A copy of Passport or Voter's ID or even a Driving License
  • Xth Pass Certificate / Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Card
  • Marriage Photograph
  • 6 - 6 Passport Size Photographs of each of the parties.

Who Can Apply with Us?
Only in the best Thane Court Marriage Registration Consultancy, can anyone apply for a Court Marriage in Thane and then complete the online marriage registration process from the comfort of their own home.
Our online marriage registration is uninterruptible and is available to both Males and Females aged 21 or above and 18 or above respectively. What’s more?
The process is open to all parties interested in the association, regardless of their faith, caste, or creed.

Why Choose Us?
We regard the integrity of marital harmony at Urgent Court Marriage Thane and do everything we can to assist clients to restore and cherish their love.
We strive incessantly to optimize your connection and help you avoid future uncertainties.
Our service areas have evolved to include practically almost every sector of the domestic and international industry that our team can assist with.
Urgent Court Marriage Thane is a full-service legal firm that focuses on non-litigation, arbitration, counsel and opinion, liaison and negotiation, documentation, and general litigation.
Our supervision system consists of some of the top legal attorneys and specialists who engage in the art of Marriage Consultancy, making it the best Court Marriage Registration Thane Centre.
We value our clients above all, so you can rest assured that all your marriage legalities are looked after by the best in business.
Your wedding day and all that comes with it deserves to be perfect just the way it’s supposed to be. Why worry when our services are at your disposal.
Book an appointment with us to explore a wide range of easy, hassle-free, and legally binding marital registration services. We are just a call away +91 88287 77004.